Cursos de Carpinteria

Carpentry courses

100% effective method designed by the instructor

Alexander Hernandez former instructor of INCE

Master Carpenter with 35 years of experience

"Learning Guaranteed"

 -Cabinets Kitchen and closet modular. (Two modules)

-Furniture Entertainment and Bedroom Set. (Two modules)

Joinery Advanced Level I and II (two modules)

Promotion price is $ .350 x each modules

For registration please send an email with your name and phone number, appointment requesting registration email:

He was later sent a text message to your phone and / or email with the date and time of your appointment for registration.
Registration requirements: cash payment and fill out the registration form.

Without exception To enroll in any of the courses, they must first make an appointment by sending your name and phone number by email to:

They did not receive participants without an appointment, please do not insist.

Address: Please send your name and phone number to send you our location.

Unique courses where in just 16 hours to learn to fitted kitchens, closet, library, bedroom set, tables, among others.

Method for fast, easy and 100% effective teaching, with which you learn carpentry techniques and operations running different projects.
Designed by Master Alexander Hernandez B. Learning carpentry author of the Book "5 Draft 1" method

The available modules are:
-1 ° Modulo Kitchen Cabinets (16 hours)
Modular Closet -2 ° Module (16 hours)
-3 ° entertainment furniture or Library (16 hours)
-4 ° Bedroom Set (16 hours)
-5 ° Advanced Carpentry Level 1 (16 hours)
-6 ° Advanced Carpentry Level 2 (16 hours)
-7 ° Advanced Carpentry Level 3
-8 ° Advanced Carpentry Level 4
-9 ° Advanced Carpentry Level 5
-10 ° Advanced Carpentry Level 6

Objective Teach and train the participant in making woodworking projects, using hand tools and electric machines, working at home, without a large workshop, are specific courses are divided into modules or projects, such as:
1-Manufacture of kitchen cabinets.
Modular 2-Closet
3- or entertainment Cabinets and Libraries
4-beds and game room.
Advanced 5-carpentry level 1 (Tables) Advanced Level 2 and carpentry (doors and windows)

Theory and practice content. Features, specifications and use of materials and tools.
Carpentry techniques. Plans Restructuring and Development of distribution cabinets according space. Using brackets, tape and pressing level.
Management manual machines and tools. (Cut, cut, use Jig, drilling, etc.)
Safety standards, use of accessories and safety.
Assembly and couplings. Installation.
Finish end.


The duration of each module is approximately 16 hours of study, between technique and practice.

Distributed in one weekend: Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm with 60 minutes for refreshments.

Cost $ 350.00 per each module (per person)

Thematic Content:

The technological part of the course develops essential subjects like the characteristics and properties of materials, use of tools, forms of work of machine tools, methods of measurement and control, evaluation of materials, cost management.
.. The student learns how to prepare construction plans for furniture, libraries, drawers ...

Training should be both technical and manual, so that over the course the participant is a series of detailed practices to be carried out while each teaching unit is seeing.
Thus, you can immediately apply all the knowledge he acquired.

What will you learn?
• Materials: classes, properties and specific use.
Measuring instruments and basic layout.
Classification of furniture ...
• Cutting.
• Development of Reed cutting plane.
• assemblies and joints.
Queues timber, use of paste, coating decorative laminates, finished singing ...
• Construction of Kitchen cabinets, bathrooms, closets, beds and other furniture Home
• Installation.
• finish.
•Frame. Doors.
Wood windows ...
In addition, the participant has the personalized advice on planning, design and assistance in building your project (for an additional fee).
The instructor will be on hand to resolve the issues that will arise as to the content of the course and any questions, correct your exercises and evaluate your progress.

Benefits of courses Participants will not only learn a lucrative and highly paid job in the market, but may also achieve labor independence and save a lot of money building their own furniture.

Also we dictate where we offer business courses and staff development training in carpentry, for those manufacturers of kitchen and closet, furniture and other industries we inform you that interview can apply for different budget packages offered through our e aljeher

Package: 64 hours a month, twice a week, 8 hours a day up to 6 people for training and development in the management of industrial machines such as:

-Sierra Bank with rail
-Sierra Belt (endless)
-Trompo Table
I -Escoplo
Industrial band -Lijadoras
-Equipment manuals and tools (all)

Days: Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Cost: request an estimate by email:

Pack: 48 hours a month, three times a week, 4 hours daily, maximum 6 people for management training and development of machines and industrial equipment.

Days: Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Cost: request an estimate by email:

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usted puede montar su propio negocio. Aprendiendo como hacer Cocinas Empotradas y Closet Modulares, método de aprendizaje rápido, fácil y muy practico, nosotros le enseñamos a trabajar, donde y como comprar, calculo de material y como hacer un presupuesto. you can assemble your own business. Learning how to make and fitted kitchens Modular Closet, method of fast, easy and very practical learning, we taught to work, where and how to buy, calculation of materials and how to make a budget.